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Discovered New branch to New Zealand from Richard and Jane Holmes
Discovered New branch to Australia from Richard and Jane Holmes
Discovered Four new branches to USA from Richard and Jane Holmes
New surnames Albrecht Allan Arkle Atkin Baber Balme Bolton Boothman Brooker Burges Buster Byles Capper Cardwell Challoner Cheetham Chew Chiverton Coe Colman Cormick Cornforth Crowle Cunningham Donovan Driscoll Edgar Edwards English Fairclough Farmer Fenlon Flood Forsyth Furnace Garten Giffen Gill Greenway Griffiths Gueco Halstead Hewitson Hewitt Highet Hilton Hudson Humble Ivey Joyce Keable Kilpatrick Lancing Lewis Lowe Lowery Lowerie Layton Newland Norris North NutterPaynter Pettitt Pierce Pike Pirrit Propps Reather Randall Rigg Riggs Robbins Rochford Ryno Sandy Spruce Starestenko Statter Todd Tribe Trow Tafferty Valleries Vassalli Watts Weaver Wellington West Wheelhouse Whitfield Wiggins Wilby Wilde
These surnames have been removed
(They are still in our notes section of the tree)
Brush Gunn Kitchen Lanzaroff Lowther Masher Mcaughy McConnell Salter Stears Steward
New Story The Holmes story has been rewritten
New family pages Beamsley, Dorsett, Featherstonehaugh, Mossop and Moscrop, Penny, Wilkinson.
New photos have been added Kirkhaugh, St Bridgets Beckermet.
People photos have been separated into Armstrong or Holmes families Start at the begining of your family and you should be able to click next right back to where you start

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