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  Pictures of people are either with a link from the family name page or as visitors to the holmes trail 

The family page has a tree showing descendants of the oldest person of that surname.
That oldest person is level one and each generation after that will be the next highest number. If your name appears after a 7 that means you are the 7th generation from the person at the top of the tree.

The names with a + in front mean husband or wife of the person above.


Descendants of John Holmes "The oldest Holmes of the tree"

1 John Holmes 1662 - 1729

.. +Rachel Appleby 1674 - 1726 Remember the + denotes a spouse.

........ 2 Richard Holmes 1700 - Child who is the second generation.

........ 2 John Holmes 1701 - Child who is the second generation.

........ 2 Elizabeth Holmes 1703 - Child who is the second generation.

If a year has a - after it, that signifies a birth year. e.g. 1662 -

If a year has a - before it, that means a death year. e.g. - 1729

If a family tree has numbers in brackets it means an individual appears more than once in a tree. The duplicated individuals will have a bracketed number next to their name to help identify them as a repeated individual.

The contents pages have alphabetical lists first choose the first letter of the surname you are interested in finding. The surnames listed are all within the tree but only the different coloured surnames on the contents pages will take you to a further page of information specifically for that surname. i.e. these are clickable links. Occasionally different spellings of a surname will take you to the same page as the alternative spelling.

In the albums click the picture to enlarge on its own page click previous album or next to navigate around. Alternatively use your browser buttons.


Tip:- If you want specific photos of people try searching for the surname in the contents pages. If the name is blue you are halfway there as that means there is a page associated with that surname, click on the surname and see if there is a photo album top right marked as People Photos click the button and you will see people some of which will be of that surname oldest photos are at the top.

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