Leadmine to home

Grassfield lead mine walk

Leadmine to help

Muddy track

Footpath sign

Grassfield from above


Down the washout

Up the washout

Across the Washout

Trees hanging on

Further up

End of trees

Extensive washout



Wet and dry

Modern water pipes

The fall

Moorland up

Moorland down

Valley below

Up the track

Into the valley

Mine spoils

Distinct Vee


Jane peeps in

Manmade heaps

Spoil heaps

Later spoil heap

Lack of grass
Moorland beyond

Side of spoil

Long and short grass

Straight edges

Stones and frog

The Frog

Mine cap

Looking in



Over the gate

Another cap

Capped shaft

Grazing sheep

Sweeter grass

View across the valley

Water for the wash

Water flow route


Mine buildings

Heart of the works

More wash water

Deep in thought

Fence post


Across the mine

Down a shaft

Not much remains

Derelict building

Different angle

Spot who


Building occupied

Sharing ancestry


Spoil heap

Man's influence

Looking towards Alston
Distinct waterways

Rock layers

Flattened top

Another building

Sitting on a bomb

Looking away

Cowen brick

Farming goes on

Nentsbury behind

Sheep graze away

Shape of Crossfell

Colour in the reeds

Nentsbury chapel

Haggs mine in valley

Showing the water route

Good grazing

Water damage

Spoil heap working

Digger footprints

What a vee


Spotting Jane

Nentsbury to Alston

Nentsbury to Alston zoomed

Across to Greenends

My Shadow

High to low

What grows on stones


Jane resting

John off to play

John in mine vent

John playing in mine vent

Haggs mine buildings

Haggs mine entrance

Haggs mine

Haggs mine buildings rear

Grassfield from Haggs mine zoomed

Grassfield from Haggs mine

On the road home

    © J Holmes January 2016