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Benjamin and Mary Armstrong with family Borrowdale Hotel c. 1870
Armstrong family Borrowdale Hotel c. 1870
Benjamin Armstrong
1862 - 1945
Benjamin Armstrong and sisters c. 1870
Polly Armstrong
1864 - 1945
Fanny Armstrong
1882 - 1965

Benjamin Armstrong driving the coach 

Haymaking at Woolpack Inn
Gladys Nellie,Nance & Sally
Gladys Armstrong
1889 - 1976
Nellie 1895 - 1986
Nance 1904 - 2006
Sally 1897 - 1983
Sally Nellie Sarah Nance and Gladys Armstrong
Nellie Benny Benjamin John Sally and Sarah Armstrong
Sarah Munro 1862 - 1939 and husband Benjamin Armstrong 1862 - 1945
 Benjamin Armstrong 1862 - 1945
and wife Sarah Munro 1862 - 1939
Nellie and others
Gladys Armstrong 1889 -1976
Nellie Armstrong 1865 - 1931
(centre) with nephews and nieces
Tony and Nance
Marriage Benjamin Armstrong
to Jane Coates 1923
Marriage Tony Priestman to Nance Armstrong 1936
John and Mary
Mary Leece and husband John Armstrong
Marriage Eddie Woodall to
Helen Armstrong 1959
Helen, Alastair, Hubert and
Mag Armstrong.
Hannah Leece (Tyson)
Mary Leece, husband
John Armstrong & children
John Bulman,Marjorie,Benny and Leslie Armstrong
Eskdale High School
Alastair, Hubert, Margaret, Barbara and Helen Armstrong
Woolpack Kitchen
Jane, Hubert and Anne
Michael Black
Alastair and Anne
Marriage Alastair Armstrong to Anne Threlfell
Alastair and John Armstrong
Alastair and kids.
Alastair Armstrong with Cheviot tup
Alastair Armstrong with children
Jane Woolpack 1960
Richard Sarah Gill Jane Paddockwray
Jane and Alastair Paddockwray
Alastair Armstrong
Woolpack Inn 1960's
Alastair Armstrong with prize winning bull 1973
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