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Thomas Holmes
1804 - 1871
Jane Holmes (Walton)
1804 - 1874
Richard and family Canada
Wedding Thomas and Dora
Richard Holmes and
Hannah Linton's family in Canada
Marriage of T. Arthur Holmes to
Dora Simpson 1901
Some of the Holmes family at Grassfield
Tea at Grassfield before 1899
Walton Holmes JP
T Arthur  Holmes
Walton Holmes JP
1839 - 1920
T. Arthur Holmes
1870 - 1926
Walton Holmes front left T Arthur Holmes and Dora having tea
T.A. Holmes in Masonic group

Frederick Walton Holmes
1882 - 1925

Holmes family at Clairmont Alston T A Holmes family at
Clairmont Alston
Bill Holmes 1931 Bill Holmes
You push I'll pull.
Bill Holmes John, Ernest and Bill Holmes
circa 1912
John and Dulcie's wedding
Marriage of John Holmes to
Dulcie Thompson 1932
John Holmes
1904 - 1978
Ernest Ken and Walton
Holmes South Africa
Walton, Ernest and Ken Holmes
in New Zealand
William Walton Holmes (Bill)
1902 - 1999
Dorothy Holmes
1915 - 1993
John and Jane
Ian Holmes
1940 - 2000
Marriage of W. John Holmes to
Jane E. Armstrong 1977
T Arthur and Dora
T Arthur Dora and Bill
T.A. Holmes and
Dora Simpson
T. Arthur Holmes Dora and
John Holmes
1904 - 1978
Possibly Ernest Holmes
Could be Edith with child on step
Glen Holmes in ground floor window
Ernest Bill John Holmes
Bill Holmes and Reg Graham
Bertha Holmes
Mary Jane Holmes
1867 - 1951
Henry Featherstone Holmes
Henry Featherstone Holmes Running
Ashley House
Annie Holmes
Bill, Edith, Glen Jill and John Holmes
Romaldkirk with Jill Glenn and Cathie
Jill Glenn Jane and Cathie at Romaldkirk 2004
Holmes family group
at Brigham
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